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Closed task organization
So... the closed project dump. Right now is just a long list of things in the closed column. We are trying to come up with a way to properly store and organize our closed tasks. We currently setup a new project, with different status as "subjects" basically... so Email blasts, tradeshows, social media, etc. Where we would love to moved closed tasks into each of these categories to live forever so that new team members can view how things have been done in the past, also so we can easily find things (especially things with complicated subtasks, etc) anyway, we thought this was a great overall method for storage, until it dawned on us that this reopens all the tasks and basically destroys our statistics and reads on how many tasks people have open and what not. Anyway to create entire projects that are basically "archived" and all tasks remained "closed" irrelevant of their actual "status" since many of us use statuses as subjects and things like that and not actual statuses? Im not even sure if im making sense but i've sent a screenshot of what we have started. Anyway, we're all putting so much effort into recording what we are doing on current projects while they are alive and in the present tense, so I think we should continue to utilize this info and organize them properly when projects are completed, so that the efforts made can continue to serve everyone, and used as a helpful training guide for new employees. I guess the short version of what I'm asking for is to be able to create "archived projects" in which closed tasks remain closed, even though they are moving into different status categories. Meaning maybe if you create an "archived project" you don't create "statuses, you are creating "subjects."
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