Home & Inbox V2
Welcome to your entirely renovated Home! 🏡 Now, Inbox is combined with Home in one beautifully intuitive layout so you can easily access all your important work in one place.
[NEW] My Work
View everything in a more organized way with your new
My Work
widget! Replacing the old Inbox, all of your tasks and reminders will be grouped by
, and
. Create new tasks or reminders in any of these groups. Plus, now you can sort each group by status, priority, due dates, and more!
[NEW] Drag and Drop to Reorder
Arguably the most requested feature for Inbox, now you can drag and drop tasks and reminders to reorder them! By default, you'll be able to do this in the Today group, but you can enable it for any group by changing sorting to
Custom (Drag and Drop)
[NEW] Drag and Drop to Reschedule
Move tasks and reminders between any group to quickly change dates! For example, drag items from the
group into the
group when you're not ready to work on a task today.
[NEW] Drag and Drop to Agenda & Calendar
Now, you have unprecedented powers to schedule your day, your way. You can:
  • Drag Tasks from any section onto the Calendar to schedule it
  • Move tasks & events on the Calendar to reschedule
  • Resize tasks & events directly on the calendar
Email in ClickUp: Automations
Email in ClickUp just got a POWERFUL upgrade. Now, you can send
emails to anyone automatically as an Action in our Automations Center!
Quickly update people outside ClickUp on the details of your project in just a few quick clicks. Simply select your trigger and fill out your email details - we'll do the rest for you!
When setting up your Email Automation, you'll have complete control over the
, and
fields. You can even personalize your message using
task fields
to dynamically change the body & subject of your email based on the situation such as assignee name, task name, priority, and more.
Whether you're looking to send an email once a task's Status changes to
In Progress
or to notify someone that their issue has been escalated to
High Priority
, you can do all this and more with Email Automations! For a full list of
task fields
, check out our help doc.
Note: Ability to add attachments in Email Automations is coming soon!
Inbox (Home) on Mobile
Inbox is officially available on mobile... and we've even added a little (productive) twist . We've morphed Inbox into the Home page making it even easier to access work on-the-go.
Access your tasks, comments, and reminders all in one place! In the new Home layout, you can view task sections in a more organized way with individual widgets for today, overdue, next, no due date, and done.
Best of all, you can drag and drop to reorder when you choose 'manual' mode sorting.
Plus, you can sort each section by status, due date, date created, priority, assignee, or manual (aka drag and drop to reorder how you'd like)!
This new Home layout and sorting ability is currently only available on mobile 😱 ... but will be coming to desktop very soon!
Automate.io Integration
Automate.io is the newest way to connect ClickUp with your favorite apps - no code required! This integration's drag and drop interface makes it easy to sync ClickUp data and actions with over 200+ apps and 100+ connectors!
Automate routine tasks using their simple automations or build out a complex workflow with multi-step automations and advanced logics. Popular workflows include creating Google Calendar events from ClickUp tasks, notifying teams in Slack on new ClickUp tasks, and creating new ClickUp tasks for Jira issues.
Recurring Tasks on Schedule
Raise your hand if you've forgotten to change the status of a Recurring Task 🙋...
Previously, Recurring Tasks would only recur if the task was manually set to a
status. If you forgot to update the status, then that task wouldn't recur.
Now, you can choose
On schedule
in the recurring settings and your task will automatically recur whether or not the status changes! This means even Recurring Tasks that are set to create new tasks will do so without requiring any input from you.
Bonus: We've added a custom
Update status to
option that automatically sets the status of the task when it recurs!
Drag and Drop Improvements
We've leveled up Drag and Drop functionality in List view to make your workday smoother than ever. 😎
Now, the entire task row moves as you rearrange — making the process much easier to manage! Glide up-and-down to move through sections or side-to-side to indent as a subtask or even nested subtask.
You also no longer have to worry about accidentally creating a subtask as you organize your List! We've solved dragging subtasks between parent tasks.
To create subtasks, drag the task to the right, under the parent task.
List View: Auto-Wrap Setting
You can now expand List view vertically! Previously, bulky content in List view fields would get cut off — meaning you'd have to click into the task to view the entire information.
Now, you can select
from the
icon at the upper right corner of your List view to automatically wrap and expand the contents of your tasks to reveal everything.
Email in ClickUp [ClickApp] (Beta)
While email isn't entirely obsolete (yet), we've made it easier than ever to keep all your conversations in one place. Now you can send and receive emails directly from ClickUp tasks as easily as posting comments, allowing you to take action instantly with anyone!
Whether you're communicating with clients on projects, QA regarding customer issues, HR teammates for applicant tracking, or anyone else outside of ClickUp, this ClickApp revolutionizes the way you work by saving you even more time!
Connect your own email
We currently support Outlook, IMAP, Office 365, and Gmail. All emails you send from ClickUp will look as if it was sent directly from your email — no weird forwarding addresses! You can also switch between multiple accounts like your personal work email (name@domain.com) and a general work email (help@domain.com).
Create templated responses
Streamline your workflow with saved responses so you don't have to keep repeating yourself. Customer success teams, you're gonna love this capability for sure!
Collaborate with your team
Discuss details with your team directly within email threads to ensure the perfect response, never lose track of what's happening next, and share context with what was said last.
Marker.io Integration: Website Bug Reporting
Find a bug on your site? Capture your screen, add visual annotations, and report the issue to ClickUp — all from your site!
Bug reports created using Marker.io are automatically created as new tasks in ClickUp. Marker.io records technical data like console logs, page URL, and browser version and attaches it all to your tasks to help your developers reproduce and fix issues faster!
To get started, connect your ClickUp account inside Marker.io!
Unito: Full Two-Way Sync With Jira
This new two-way sync makes it easier than ever for developers in Jira to collaborate seamlessly with teams working in ClickUp. Handle feature backlogs, drive cross-functional projects, and more all with this integration!
Synchronize ALL your Jira data in real-time with
full field mapping
through this expanded Unito integration — including Issue Types, Sprints, Epics, Components, Versions, Labels, and many more. This means you're able to update Jira data inside ClickUp.
If you've ever wanted to deploy ClickUp company-wide but felt constrained by your Jira setup, this integration allows for a smooth transition to ClickUp (plus, buy-in from your IT & Technical teams, too!). Best of all, the Unito integration works with Jira Cloud, Server, and Data Center.
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