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Hey, Community!
This week we're bringing you
Formulas for Dashboard Calculation cards
, organizing
Dashboard Hub
, updating Teams with SCIM, new
HubSpot workflows
Morgen calendar
integration, and more!
Unlock Dashboards with Formula Fields:
Dashboard Calculation cards
just got more powerful with Formula Fields.
Use calculations on top of Formula Fields to show metrics like total profit or an average composite score, right in your Dashboard.
Sort and organize Dashboard Hub:
Easily sort your Hub's Dashboards by name, location, column, or last viewed date. Your sort order is saved, keeping your Hub organized.
Auto update Teams with SCIM:
Say goodbye to tedious Team updates in ClickUp. SCIM enables you to create, update, and automatically sync Teams between ClickUp and your Identity Provider like Okta, Google, or Microsoft.
Trigger actions from new HubSpot objects:
Deal-only workflows are a thing of the past. Unleash the full potential of our HubSpot integration to trigger ClickUp actions based on Contacts, Companies, Tickets, Quotes, and more.
Integrate Morgen to sync any calendar:
Schedule ClickUp tasks in any calendar with our new Morgen integration. Import or drag and drop ClickUp tasks to your calendar, track time automatically, and mark them complete. This works with Outlook, Google, iCal, and more.
Check out these features and more in Release Notes 3.15 ๐Ÿš€
Hey, Community!
This week's update brings you enhanced Relationships on mobile, Recurring Task Overview, invoice email notifications, and more! ๐Ÿค
View and update Relationships on mobile:
Tasks in the mobile app are now more powerful with the addition of Relationships.
View, add, and remove Relationships from tasks on mobile, like linked Docs, blockers, and Dependencies.
Download the mobile app to try it out, and as always share mobile feedback here.
Manage all recurring tasks in one place:
We've made it easier to manage your routine tasks in ClickUp. Now
with Recurring Task Overview you can view and edit all your recurring tasks in one place.
Access this feature via the recurring settings or through the Quick Action menu, and share recurring task feedback here.
Receive email notifications for invoices:
You can now enable invoice notifications for owners and admins to
receive an email any time a new invoice is generated for your Workspace.
Head over to the Invoices tab on the Billing page to access settings to customize memos, see invoice history, and view individual invoices. Share invoicing feedback here.
Check out these features and more in Release Notes 3.14! ๐Ÿš€
Hey, Community!
This week's update brings you an all-new
Notion importer
, enhanced
GitHub integration
, real-time updates to your
, and more! ๐Ÿคฉ
Move from Notion to ClickUp:
Save time juggling between apps. Effortlessly import all your Notion docs and databases into ClickUp, including fields, tasks, comments, and more. Click the Imports / Exports tab in your Workspace settings to get started.
Enhanced GitHub integration:
Weโ€™ve redesigned our GitHub integration from the ground up, making it even easier to integrate and manage GitHub in your ClickUp workflow. Find pull requests using Universal Search and view GitHub activity in the new Task view.
Sidebar updates in real-time:
Lists and Folders in your Sidebar will now update automatically without refreshing, keeping you and your team on the same pageโ€”always.
Check out these features and more in Release Notes 3.13! ๐Ÿš€
Hey, Community!
ClickUp now offers Task Types, a Swiss Army knife for all of your work processes!
Learn more about Task Types, here!
Hey, Community!
This week's update brings you
for time tracking, seamlessly
creating tasks in filtered views
, connecting apps to
Universal Search
, and more! โฑ๏ธ
Track your time with Timesheets:
Introducing Timesheets, the easiest way to track your time in ClickUp. Add any task to your personal Timesheet, use the timer to track how long you work on that task, and tag your billable hours in one click. You can use Timesheets to easily view and edit time entries for any week, and admins can manage an entire team's capacity all in one place.
Seamlessly create tasks in filtered views:
No more wondering why new tasks disappear! Now, any time you create a task in a filtered view we'll automatically set the status, tag, priority, or dropdown Custom Fields to match the other tasks in your view. Every task you create in a List, Table, Workload, Calendar, Timeline, Team, or Board view will now be visible regardless of the filters you've applied.
Connect apps to Universal Search:
Transform your search experience with App Center. Connect apps like Figma, Dropbox, and Google Drive to search all of your connected apps from one place, and manage access to each app in your command center to customize search results for you and your team.
Check out these features and more in Release Notes 3.12! ๐Ÿš€
Hey, Community!
This week's update brings you
ultra-fast Universal Search on mobile
customizable shortcut commands
in search,
Inbox sorting
and quick actions,
new integrations
for developers, and more! ๐Ÿ”
Ultra-fast Universal Search on mobile:
We've completely revamped mobile search. With a new design, filters, and architecture, you can now use mobile search to effortlessly find anything in your Workspace or across your integrated apps. Download the mobile app today to try it out!
Customizable commands in search:
Save time by creating shortcuts to links, storing text for later, and more. Use the search window to add, share, and access custom commands anywhere in your Workspace and get things done faster!
Inbox sorting and new quick actions:
You can now sort your Inbox to show the oldest messages first and respond to things in the order you received them, or right-click anything in your Inbox to add it to your Favorites, Personal List, and LineUp for later use. and PractiTest integrations:
Manage critical engineering projects in ClickUp using our and PractiTest integrations. Assign task owners, due dates, and statuses for incidents and QA testing so you never lose track of what needs to get done.
Check out these features and more in Release Notes 3.11! ๐Ÿš€
Hey, Community!
This week's update brings you Formula Field calculations in Lists, grouping views by task type, updating task types on mobile, Singapore data hosting, and more! ๐Ÿคฉ
Unlock the full power of Formula Fields in Lists:
You can now sort and filter a List using any Formula Field. You can also group Lists using date or true/false Formula Fields, and perform calculations on an entire Formula Field column in a List, just like a spreadsheet!
Group views by task type:
You can now group any List view, Board view, or Table view using custom task types. This gives you the flexibility to organize each view by the type of work it contains!
Update task types on mobile:
Task types are now available on the ClickUp mobile app, allowing you to add, remove, or update task types, so you can keep different kinds of work organized even when you're on the go.
Localized data hosting in Singapore:
Enterprise customers near Singapore will automatically be migrated to the new AWS data center, storing your data locally.
Check out these features and more in Release Notes 3.10! ๐Ÿš€
Hey, Community!
This week's update brings you interactive Task List cards on Dashboards, adding formatting to long text Custom Fields, reliably updating high-usage Custom Fields, and more! ๐Ÿ“
Add interactive Task List cards to Dashboards:
You can now use Task List cards like any other interactive List in ClickUp. Customize the tasks added to a card, edit each task from the card itself, and search the card to find the task you need.
Add formatting to long text Custom Fields:
You can now add formatting to long text Custom Fields the same way as in any Task or Doc, by adding bullets, headings, colors, badges, checklists, and more!
Reliably update high-usage Custom Fields:
Our revamped architecture works in the background to update up to 25,000 values where a Custom Field is used, and notifies you when the job is done.
Check out these features and more in Release Notes 3.09! ๐Ÿš€
Hey, Community!
This week's update brings you instant loading of List views, quickly grouping by column in List and Table view, using task dates in Dashboard reports, and enabling Latino Spanish in user settings. ๐Ÿ“Š
Load List views instantly:
All List views now use RapidViewsDB, our proprietary optimization model that instantly loads even the largest views. Now when you open any List view, we'll automatically optimize your data so it loads instantly in the future.
Group by column in List and Table view:
Lists and Tables are now more dynamic. Click on any column header in a List or Table view, then click "Group" to see the entire List or Table grouped by that field.
Use task dates in Dashboard reports:
Every task includes standard date fields, like date created, started, updated, done, and closed. You can now use any of those task dates in Dashboards.
Choose Latino Spanish in user settings:
When you choose a language in your user settings, you can now distinguish between Spanish or Spanish (Latinoamerica) to match your local dialect.
Check out these features and more in Release Notes 3.08! ๐Ÿš€
Hey, Community!
In this week's release notes, we're bringing new ways to summarize tasks and transcribe Voice Clips with AI, see what triggers your ClickBot actions, and the ability to request access to tasks and launch meetings right within ClickUp! โšก
Use AI to summarize tasks on mobile:
Just tap the AI icon at the top of a task or comment thread to get an instant summary of that task, then use that context to respond and move work forward.
Automatically transcribe Voice Clips with AI:
When you record and send a Voice Clip in ClickUp, we now use AI to transcribe each Clip to text automatically.
See what triggers ClickBot actions:
Each ClickBot action now shows you what triggers it, like an automation, template, form submission, recurring task, and more.
Request access to tasks with one click:
When you open a task that you don't have access to, you can now request access with one click.
Launch instant meetings using UpMeet:
With our new UpMeet integration, you can launch meetings within ClickUp in seconds.
Learn about these features and more in Release Notes 3.07! ๐Ÿš€
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