Follow up on the latest improvements andΒ updates.


Hey, Community!
This week, we're bringing you a
revamped Zapier integration, new Jira integration, additional App Panels
, and more! πŸ”„
Revamped Zapier integration:
With the new and more robust Zapier integration, you get precise handling of Custom Fields to support more complex automations. Now, set up Zaps accessing Custom Fields from previous steps, select an option to delete a value in a Custom Field, and search for tasks based on matching Custom Fields.
New Jira integration:
Streamline your workflow and boost productivity by integrating Jira with ClickUp. View Jira boards, create and view issues, get rich link previews, and use the icon in the Task View sidebar to quickly navigate to Jira content without leaving your Workspace.
Slack, Salesforce, and Jira App Panels:
Get the context you need without searching through a sea of comments. Now, after you post your first link from Slack, Salesforce, or Jira into a task, you can view all associated links and create new objects from the corresponding icon in the Task View sidebar.
Check out these features and more in Release Notes 3.25! πŸš€
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Hey, Community!
This week, we're bringing you a
Salesforce integration, custom icons for Lists, Slack link previews, easier grouping in views
, and more! πŸ”—
New Salesforce integration:
Now, you can connect your Salesforce account to view Tasks, Opportunities, Contacts, Leads, and Accounts all within ClickUp. Get rich previews of Salesforce links and create new Leads or Tasks from your ClickUp search bar.
Add custom icons to Lists:
Customize your project further by setting custom icons for each List in your Sidebar, making them easier to search and navigate. Mix and match with colors to provide added clarity and a splash of personality.
Preview Slack links:
Get the details you need from Slack without ever leaving your workspace. When you paste a Slack link into ClickUp, you'll see a bookmark-style card and message preview. For more context, just click to go directly to the message.
Group views with ease:
Now, grouping is even easier with the redesigned dropdown. Quickly choose fields to group by or search for specific fields with improved UI and keyboard accessibility.
Check out these features and more in Release Notes 3.24! πŸš€
Hey, Community!
This week, we're bringing you
dynamic People fields, Sprint templates, redesigned notification settings, Time Tracking updates,
and more! βŒ›
Dynamic People fields in Automations:
You can dynamically assign based on who created the task, triggered the Automation, and more, reducing the need for multiple Automations.
Use a template for Sprints:
Now, you can save one of your Sprints as a template and set it for all future Sprints in a Sprint Folder, cutting the hassle of manually recreating views, Custom Fields, Automations, and settings.
Redesigned notification settings:
Customizing your notification settings is now easier than ever. Quickly change your settings using presets like Focused or Mentions only, or tailor them to fit your needs.
Redesigned Time Tracking:
With the revamped Time Tracking interface, you get a streamlined design for easier, efficient time tracking. Track time directly from the menu bar and have admins record time for other users, ensuring total time-tracking control.
Check out these features and more in Release Notes 3.23! πŸš€
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Hey, Community!
This week, we’re bringing you the ability to
customize which notifications are important
in your Inbox,
name your Automations
, and
set Sprint points via API
. πŸ””
Customize important Inbox notifications:
You can now customize which notification types are considered important, ensuring your inbox stays clutter-free and focused on what matters the most.
Add names to Automations:
Provide clarity and structure by adding names to your Automations. Instead of using only descriptions, now you can add Automation names, unlocking better functionality for the future.
Set Sprint Points via API:
You can now set Sprint Points when you create or update tasks through our public API.
Check out these features and more in Release Notes 3.22! πŸš€
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Hey, Community!
This week, we're bringing you a
redesigned Board view, a new Sprint Automation, sending invoices to custom emails, new endpoints to the Public API,
and more! ⚑️
Board View 3.0:
We’ve redesigned Board view with even more ways to work for you. Now, you can change card sizes, choose which fields to display, hide empty fields, and adjust the order of fields on cards.
Coming soon to Board view: Set task descriptions as cover images on cards.
Automatically archive past Sprints:
Tired of manually archiving previous Sprints to clean up your Sidebar? Now, you can enable Sprint Automations to auto-archive past Sprints for a clutter-free Sprint Folder.
Send your ClickUp invoice to any email:
Whether you want to send your billing invoices to another admin or your accountant, now you have the option. Send direct invoices to a custom email instead of the one linked to your account.
Work with Docs via the public API:
We've added new endpoints to the public API that allow you to search for Docs, edit pages, and export individual pages in plain text or markdown format.
Check out these features and more in Release Notes 3.21! πŸš€
Release 3
Hey, Community!
This week, we're bringing you support for AI Custom Fields in Automations, instant edits for Home cards, an improvement to our public API, and more! ✨
Automate your AI Custom Fields:
Use Custom Fields to automatically generate AI task summaries, project updates, and more through Automations! Create an AI Custom Field and use it in Automations to get instant insights on your work.
Customize Home cards instantly:
It's now easier than ever to customize your Home. We've removed the edit layout toggle, so now you can resize, reorder, AND work on tasks in a card without the extra step.
Public API improvements:
We now support retrieving and creating threaded comments via the public API!
Check out these features and more in Release Notes 3.20! πŸš€
Release Notes 3
Hey, Community!
This week's update brings you a brand new
Automation activity log, status change filters, a redesigned Form view, HIPAA-compliant AI, live training with ClickUp Assist
, and more! πŸ”’
Centralized Automation Activity:
Easily monitor all Automation activities with our new activity logs. View the date, status, and actions for each Automation, and navigate directly to any entry for quick adjustments.
Status Change Filters:
Use the Last Status Change filter across views, cards, or Dashboards to pinpoint tasks that haven't progressed. Take action on stagnant tasks to eliminate bottlenecks and improve workflow efficiency.
Redesigned Form View:
Form view has been revamped to align with the sleek design of ClickUp 3.0, offering a more intuitive form creation and submission experience for both your team and respondents.
HIPAA-Compliant AI:
Unlock the full power of AI in your HIPAA-compliant Workspace. ClickUp Brain now supports the highest level of data security. Contact our sales team to set up your Enterprise plan plus BAA and accelerate your productivity today!
Live training with ClickUp Assist:
Keep your Workspace running smoothly with ClickUp Assist. Sign up for live training to learn best practices, customize templates, optimize workflows, and get the most out of your ClickUp experience.
Check out these features and more in Release Notes 3.19! πŸš€
Hey, Community!
This week's update brings major improvements to the way you create, manage, and collaborate on projects with
AI-powered wikis, improved Slack integration, drill-downs in Sprint cards, importing any doc format
, and more!
Wikis powered by AI:
Take a quantum leap in knowledge management with AI-powered wikis. Add verified company knowledge to a wiki, then Ask AI any question to get instant accurate answers based on your wiki knowledge base. Try a prebuilt wiki template to get started.
Improved Slack integration:
Preview ClickUp tasks and Docs in Slack, and easily create new ClickUp tasks with our refreshed Slack integration. Visit the App Center to configure your Slack connection and notification settings.
Drill-down into Sprint cards:
Click into any Burndown, Burnup, or Velocity card to view the details behind your Sprint reports. See tasks that have been forecasted, started, and completed, as well as the total and remaining effort for each Sprint.
Import any doc into ClickUp:
Import any doc format into ClickUp from tools like Word, Google Docs, Quip, Almanac, Craft, and more to consolidate your work in one place.
Check out these features and more in Release Notes 3.18! πŸš€
Hey, Community!
This week's update brings you
revamped view creation, new Dashboard views, redesigned public tasks and Lists, synchronized Personal Lists on web and mobile,
and more.
Revamped view creation:
Easily add a view to any Space, Folder, or List with our newly redesigned view options menu. Discover popular views, create and pin views for your team, or privately add them with just a few clicks.
Add Dashboards as a view:
Integrate Dashboards directly as a view and use prebuilt Dashboard templates for instant critical project insights.
Redesign of public tasks and Lists:
Publicly shared tasks and Lists now mirror the design and structure of ClickUp 3.0, ensuring consistency with the in-app experience.
Use Personal List on mobile:
Your Personal List is now fully synchronized between web and mobile. Any adjustments to filters, assignees, or other changes are now updated across both platforms. Download the mobile app.
Check out these features and more in Release Notes 3.17! πŸš€
Hey, Community!
This week's update brings you
Reminders on tasks, default billable Time Tracking, customizable properties on task view, streamlined Space creation,
and more! ⏰
Create Reminders from tasks
: You can now create Reminders from any ClickUp task with the option to include the date and time you want to be reminded. Add the Reminders card or My Work card to your Home page to access all of your Reminders.
Enable default billable Time Tracking
: Time entries can now be set to billable by default using a new setting on the Time Tracking ClickApp. For additional flexibility, you can set the default billable setting per Space.
Customize properties shown on task view
: You now have the option to show all properties on task view to quickly update task details, or hide task properties for a cleaner look. The way you work is up to you!
Streamlined Space creation
: Create intuitive, personalized Spaces that match the way you work. Choose a pre-configured solution with default views, statuses, and ClickApps, or customize as you wish.
Check out these features and more in Release Notes 3.16! πŸš€
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