Workspace Dashboards
Previously, to share Dashboards with everyone in ClickUp, you had to manually select each person individually. Not anymore!
Now, you can create and share Dashboards quickly with your entire Workspace!
Workspace Dashboards will appear in your Shared Dashboards section and every member will have full access by default.
Workspace Dashboards are perfect for displaying company goals, announcements, or metrics for everyone to be aware of!
Export Form Responses to CSV
Information in task Lists can easily become cluttered - especially with an active form! This feature makes it easy to separate information from the tasks generated by a form from other tasks you're working on. With the new Form view button, you're able to quickly download just the Form results as a CSV file!
Mobile Time Tracking V2
Our recent Time Tracking updates have gone mobile! 📱 Now you can start and stop your timer within the mobile app and it will save across all devices!
Better yet, start tracking time on the web and stop on the mobile app (or vice versa) for seamless time tracking that goes wherever you go.
More Colors in Docs
Docs, just like life, are better with more color. 🌈 That's why we've added font color options to our toolbar so you can turn your SOPs into riveting works of art 😉
But the rainbow doesn't stop there! We've also updated our highlighter to include more colors like purple and blue to easily differentiate between different contexts.
Form Preview Toggle
Previously, you had to paste the Form link in a different tab to see how it would look live. Now you can toggle between editing and viewing your Form with our new preview switch!
Bonus: You can even submit to the Form from the preview modal for quick testing! 🤩
Toggle List /Slash Command
Tidy up your Docs, tasks, and comments with the new Toggle List /Slash Command to
easily show and hide different block elements
. Avoid information overload by dropping elements into a toggle or
adding text directly inside of a toggle
Plus, you can even
nest toggles under each other
- perfect for writing wikis where you don't want to show all the information at once, allowing users to drill in!
Filter by Relative Date Ranges
When it comes to filtering by date, there are a decent amount of options that currently exist in ClickUp... but we know it's not all the options. That's why we've added the ability to
set your own rolling periods!
If the last 7 days doesn't work for you, set it to any number of days you want, and choose between days, weeks, months, or even years. We've even included Next and Last options to get extra granular. 🥳
Relative date ranges currently support:
  • Last X Days (e.g. Last 4 days, including today)
  • Last/This/Next Week
  • Last/This/Next Month
  • Last/This/Next Quarter
  • Last/This/Next Year
These filters offer a different way of narrowing down on tasks - like filtering a roadmap List to see what's coming up next month or looking at which tasks a person has been assigned in the last 2 weeks to see exactly what they're working on.
Slack Integration Updates
ClickUp's Slack Integration got a "make it easy" makeover! 💅 Now, creating tasks offers an
optional browse feature
so you don't have to remember the List name.
There's also a
new calendar picker
when choosing dates, and we've made adding and removing Tags or assignees easier through a
single modal
Mass Remove Tasks in Multiple Lists
Love adding Tasks to Multiple Lists but hate removing them one by one? Us too. That's why we've added support for
removing tasks from multiple Lists using our Multi-Task Toolbar
. Quickly select multiple tasks and remove the secondary location.
This function
only removes and does not delete
, meaning you don't have to worry about accidentally deleting a task housed to a given List.
Automations at Every Level
Time to save more time and remove manual work on a larger scale by adding
Automations at the Folder and Space levels.
Previously, Automations where tied to Lists, requiring manual effort for teams wanting to use the same Automation across multiple locations.
Now, the headache is gone, and you're able to do so much more with far fewer clicks!
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