Beta Week 9
View Google Drive Files
No longer will you need to leave ClickUp to access your Google Drive files. View Slides, Docs, Sheets, and so much more by connecting your Google Drive to ClickUp!
Assigned Comments in Box View
Expand assigned comments in Box view to quickly see every assigned comment for that member of your Workplace
Required Box Views
Include Box as one of your required views, and set a default view template to create every Box view with the same layout!
Beta Week 8
Box View 2.0
What are people working on? What did people get done? With Box view 2.0, you'll easily see who is overloaded and who needs more tasks. Plus, now you can manage resources easier than ever with DRAG & DROP in Box view!
Offline Mode
Work offline from anywhere! Tasks will sync as soon as you regain a connection. Anything you've loaded before going offline will stick with you. To ensure you have access to tasks offline, add them to your tray!
  • Quickly show closed tasks in List View
  • Ability to sort Due Date within Due Date group
  • Emojis in Space names
  • Gantt view no longer jumps to today when you expand a group of tasks
  • Tons of bug fixes and optimizations
Beta Week 7
Default Templates for Views
Do you want a similar layout/setup for all of your views? Now, you can set default layouts for views in a Space by choosing a template. When new views are created, they'll also use the template's layout by default.
  • Set default templates for each type of task view
  • Optionally override existing required views based on a newly set template
  • - This means you're able to update multiple views at the same time based on a new template!
Move Views
Move a view from one location to another. When a view has been moved, the original goes away, and you'll be taken to the new location with your view selected.
You're even able to drag and drop views to different locations!
Trash Can 2.0
Highly requested! Easily recover almost anything accidentally deleted in your Workplace from the new trash can
  • Spaces
  • Folders
  • Lists
  • Tasks
  • Conversations
  • Docs
See who deleted an item and when it was deleted
Restore or permanently delete any of these items
  • Copying a Page View now includes the content
  • - This means if you create a Doc View and copy it, all pages and their content will be found in the copy.
  • Search now available for Space avatar icons
  • Parent task names are now included for subtask rows with the List View CSV export
  • "No color" option for Space avatar
  • Tons of bug fixes and optimizations
Beta Week 6
View Templates
  • Save the views you love and quickly re-use them across any Space, Folder, or List in your Workplace.
  • Set who has access to View Templates.
Space Avatar Menu
  • Select from tons pre-loaded colors and icons or add your own avatar to customize your Spaces.
  • Gantt Sidebar: Expansion is now based on each user's preference, not how the layout was last saved by the team.
  • List View Column Calculations: Now works for manual progress Custom Field.
  • Custom Statuses: More default color options.
  • Custom Fields: Number fields may now contain negative values.
  • Board View: Automatically hides columns when they're filtered out.
  • TONS of bug fixes & optimizations
  • Coming Soon
  • Default Views can be created from your View Template settings.
  • Ability to move views to different locations.
Beta Week 5
Default View Settings
  • Do you want to use similar settings for all your views? Now, you can set default settings for all views in a Space.
  • When any new views are created in the Space, they'll also inherit these settings.
  • Coming soon: View templates and the ability to set default templates for all of your views
Inbox Settings
  • Show the Space, Folder, and List where a task lives in your Inbox!
Tags for Guests - Optional
  • By default, guests are not able to add/remove tags
  • Now, you can choose to give certain guests access to tags so they can add/remove tags on tasks they have access to. Note: When enabled, these guests will be able to see all available tags within the Space they have access to.
Space Avatars
  • Make Spaces easier to identify
  • Add a color or custom avatar to your Space
  • Sidebar: Pin the sidebar open
  • Custom Fields: The currency field now defaults to your preferred currency
  • Default Views: By default, both List and Board views are selected as defaults
  • QuickSwitch: Find Inbox and Notifications pages in the QuickSwitcher
  • TONS of bug fixes & optimizations