Front Integration
Stay on top of your company's inbox across all channels by quickly creating, linking, and jumping between tasks in ClickUp and tickets in Front!
Link multiple tasks to a ticket and even copy information to a task with one click. Once a ticket is linked, a link to the ticket will appear within the ClickUp task.
See When People View Tasks
See who's recently viewed a task. Now, you can click the watcher icon (eye) to see when the task was last viewed. This is great for team accountability and monitoring for task updates.
Group Views Together by Type
We've redesigned our views to automatically group by type! For example, if you have multiple List views in one Folder, now all the List views will be in one tab. This allows teams with a large amount of views to quickly find what they want without searching through an endless row of views - simply click the container to expand and select your view.
We've also added the ability to pin views, so you can retain the visual separation you're used to today.
Move Doc Pages
Sometimes you draft a page in one Doc only to realize it would be better suited in another. Rather than copy/paste, now you can move pages to other Docs! Click the
menu from the Docs sidebar to access.
Export Public Doc Pages
Easily download any page from a publicly shared Doc as a PDF, Markdown, and even HTML file! To get started, click the download button (shown below) on any Doc!
Weighted @Mentions
While we love everyone on our team, we tend to talk to some people more than others. In order to save time finding the people you work with most, now names are prioritized for @mentions and assigned comments based on how often you tag them.
This is especially great for people with large teams and lots of similar names!
Clip Download Option
Whether it's poor internet, a large file size, or an unknown issue causing your Clip video to get stuck uploading, now you're always able to access a recorded Clip video with the download button - ensuring you never lose it.
Embed Lists in Docs & Tasks
OMG! Now you can add List views inside of your Docs and tasks! This enables you to insert databases of any kind inside of your Docs.
  • Use the /slash command
  • Paste a public link
  • Paste an internal link
When a Doc is shared publicly, only public List views will be shown publicly.
Add Comments to Task Descriptions
You now have the ability to add comments directly to your task description! This is great for when the scope changes in a conversation - quickly add it to the description for everyone to see!
Formula fields
No more manual calculations! With formula fields, you're able to make calculations between numeric custom fields on a task to automatically determine things like the cost of a new product order or scoring for a new lead.
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