[NEW] Public Task View
Publicly share tasks with anyone using a secret URL! All tasks are shared as view-only, and anyone with the link can access them.
Plus, you get to customize exactly what people with the link are able to see!
[NEW] Clip: Screen & Audio Recording in ClickUp
Important: This feature is currently only available for Chrome and Firefox. It is not available on mobile.
Eliminate the need to use other apps (ie. Loom) to record your desktop! For the first time ever, record and attach screen with audio recordings right in your Chrome or Firefox browser with ClickUp's new Clip feature!
Multitask Toolbar: Disable Bulk Notifications
Previously, any time someone made bulk edits on tasks you were a part of, everyone watching received tons of notifications.
Now, you have the option to disable sending notifications for people watching those tasks.
Notifications are on by default, but simply uncheck the Send notifications box to turn them off! Once unchecked, ClickUp will remember your preference.
Public List View
Publicly share List views with anyone by sharing a secret URL! Your List views will be shared as view-only.
Keep clients up-to-date, use ClickUp for your public roadmap, or share List views with people that are too stubborn to join your Workspace
Import from Wrike
With just a few clicks, import any of your Wrike spaces into ClickUp! We'll automatically bring over all your tasks so you can say sayonara to having more than one place to manage your projects.
Multitask Toolbar: Custom Fields
Quickly update custom fields on multiple tasks at the same time with the Multitask Toolbar! Previously, custom fields had to be set on tasks individually. Now, custom fields can be set in a jiffy!
Personal Slack Integration for Private Channels
Send ClickUp notifications to your private Slack channels and update tasks from within Slack via this new personal connection! Previously, only admins could set up Workspace integrations. Now, any user can create their a connection to stay updated and get more done.
iOS: Quick Actions
Here's another mobile improvement to take your productivity to the next level! Now, when you're on iOS, hold down the ClickUp app to access a "Quick Action" menu. From there, create reminders or tasks in an instant.
Mentions in Docs and Task Descriptions
Before, you could only mention people in comments. Now you can @mention them in a task's description or within a doc to keep everyone on the same page!
Mentioning people will send them a notification by default, but you can easily toggle this on or off.
Restore Deleted Tags
Accidentally delete a tag you actually need? No worries! Now, if someone deletes a tag, recover the tag from the trash to quickly restore it to it's original Space!
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