New Search and Command Center
We are super excited to announce we've completely revolutionized search by including more sophisticated indexing and rankings, and so much more! This means you get
faster, more relevant search results
that makes finding what you need a breeze.
We also rebuilt the Command Center and combined it with Search to create a single sleek interface for searching & running commands.
Within the Search & Command center start typing
and options will appear to create a new
, or
. To see the full list of commands simply type
in the search bar and see all you can do!
Drag & Drop Table Rows & Columns
Now easily drag and drop columns and rows to move content around as needed.
Not familiar with adding a table? No worries – simply use the Slash Command
to insert a table in any area that supports long text (e.g., Docs, task descriptions, Notepad, Chat, etc.) Add columns and rows, input your data, then drag and drop as needed! 🎉
Custom Fields, Task Update, and Search Now Supported in Zapier
Zapier and ClickUp together just got more powerful – now you can modify & interact with ClickUp Custom Fields in Zapier!
You can add values to existing Custom Fields within a task, and set triggers to initiate actions when those fields populate. This also supports two-way sync!
We didn't stop there! You can also use Zapier to search for tasks based on a custom ID from GitHub, Salesforce, or whichever 3rd party system you'd like to connect to! 🤩
World Productivity Week!
Hey, Everyone! My name is Briana and I’m the Head of Product here at ClickUp. I'm responsible for rolling out new and exciting features on the ClickUp platform that are designed to make your experience better! ⚡
Today, as we celebrate World Productivity Week, I wanted to share a preview of what’s to come from us over the next few months. Zeb mentioned last week that ✨ClickUp 3.0✨ is on its way, and I'm here to confirm that we'll be officially launching the next generation of the platform later this year!
As you know, we are always iterating and updating features to make our product better for you, but we view 3.0 as a transformative launch intended to bring the same level of impact as ClickUp's platform debut 3 years ago.
I can’t give away too much at the time, but I hope that you'll join me in celebrating World Productivity Week 🎉 with this teaser video.
You can also check out our blog with a few more details here:
Happy World Productivity Week!
💜 Briana
Celebrating 5 Years of ClickUp!
Today is a massive day for us – we're officially 5 years old! I wanted to personally say thank you to this community. You're the reason that we do what we do. You're the reason that we still exist today. And you're the reason that we're critically focused on the next version of ClickUp.
We appreciate every single piece of feedback that you shared over the years. YOU built this product, and we'll continue building the future together.
If you want to join in on the fun, we designed some exclusive digital assets so that you can celebrate with us. Thank you infinitely for the last five years, especially to our early users that supported us through thick and thin. I promise that this will be our best year yet.
Zoom Background
Champion Banner
Productivity Banner
Add Text Labels to Connectors in Whiteboards
We're all about helping you visualize relationships with connectors on a Whiteboard, as we provided in Release 2.107. Now, we're taking that visualization to new heights with the ability to add text labels to any connector. 〰️
Adding a text label to Whiteboard connectors allows you to present a richer visual representation of complex flowcharts and diagrams. For example, if you're outlining a decision tree with
parameters, you can label each path appropriately. 🧑‍🎨
To add a text label to your connector, select any existing connector and click the
add text
button in the object menu. ↘️
Create Tasks & Reminders with Siri
Look ma, no hands! 😱 Now, you can create reminders and tasks on Apple iOS devices with the help of Siri! At the Siri prompt, simply say any of the following commands:
  • Remind me to
    [reminder name]
    in ClickUp
  • Remind me to
    [reminder name]
    [due date and time]
    in ClickUp
  • Add
    [task name]
    to my
    [List name]
    List in ClickUp
Audio Clips on Mobile
When emojis don't cut it - and typing isn't an option - ClickUp's mobile app will still help you capture the details. 👂 Now, you can
capture audio-only Clips in the ClickUp Mobile app
! Open a task's Comments tab, then tap the microphone icon in the lower-right corner to start recording. Once you finish recording, tap the checkmark to end, then post your comment (which includes your audio clip) as you normally would! 🚗
Pro Tip:
Add additional text, images, or attachments alongside your audio Clip!
Minimize Docs to the Tray
Now, you can minimize and store Docs for easier retrieval in your Tray. Instead of losing track of essential Docs open across various tabs, you can now quickly minimize them to your Tray and retrieve them in a flash. 🏃
To add a Doc to your Tray, simply click the minimize button in the top right corner of any Doc. Once a Doc is added to your Tray, the Tray Doc button will display a green checkmark to indicate it lives in your Tray. To remove a Doc from your Tray, click the
on the same button.
Unfurl Links for Comments, Goals, and Blocks
When a link unfurls, you'll be able to see a preview of what you linked, such as the first few lines of a comment or text block within a Doc. Any edits you make to the comment or text block in its original location will also reflect wherever the unfurled link is pasted! Gotta love that two-way sync. 🤤
Best of all, you don't need to do anything special to see this update. Just paste a link to a comment, Block link, or Goal anywhere within ClickUp, and watch the magic happen automatically! 🪄
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