I'd like a way to visualize goals other than just the progress circle. A summary of this idea can be found at the bottom of the post.

If you have ever built a puzzle, you can see your progress as the puzzle gets completed. I’d like for Clickup to create a visual of a goal with tasks/subtasks being the pieces that fill up the visual.

Goal Visualization Shape

The visual could be the shape of a jigsaw puzzle, but having a square shape that gets filled by smaller squares could work just as well. The size of the pieces could be dictated (calculated) by the time estimations of the individual tasks or by a numeric custom field. The custom field would be like the Scrum points idea for those familiar with the Agile approach.

Squares are probably better for goal visualization. It’s easier to write/manage the code necessary for creating square shapes and you get a better visualization of progress with squares.


This is an engaging way to monitor a goal’s progress and get a visual of how much of the goal is remaining. Longer or more complex tasks have bigger blocks that fill up the square goal container.

Depending on how this is implemented you can have goals within larger goals. The largest goal (square) could be a company initiative. The smaller goals would be the targets to achieve that initiative. The smallest squares are the lists/tasks/subtasks. This makes goal setting and work more engaging.


Clickup creates a square as a visual container for a goal. To complete the goal you fill the big square with little squares. The little squares are the lists/tasks/subtasks you need to complete.