It will be great if there will be no more pain with organizing tasks for the whole company.
It takes a lot of time to figure out how to organize tasks for each department of (for ex.) standard IT-company, how to organize communications between people in the "task context", how to organize task-sharing between different departments with restrictions/privacy and so on ... it is really pain.
For example, consider the following (very basic) structure:
* Sales department must store their sales activity just like in crm, where every List is a client and every Task is a project, for example project "A".
* Financial department must help sales department to sale project "A" but financial managers must have no any additional access to the sales department activities and private tasks
* IT-integration team must start their work on project "A" when project "A" goes to "production" phase, they do not need any access to sales and financial info, sure, but they needs basic info from sales manager
* Development team must plan and start their sprint-work on software development using some information from IT-integration team, they need share some tasks with IT-integration team (remember that they work in the sprint-manner, when "Sprint" is a "custom" label field)
* DevOps department must do their things on project "A" with info from other teams but with granular access to the other teams info...
* Portfolio manager must know project progress, budgets, time-spent and so on on "projects" level...
* Some freelancers may be attracted to work in their "sandbox" with small tasks of dev-team..
And so on... so on... so on...
It is all about:
  1. Task structure for workflow of each company's department in the whole company context
  2. Permissions and security for different activites
  3. Task sharing across company's departments and people