Some small UI-quirks that bother me:

- When creating a new task with the top right button, you cannot close that window with esc.

- Click-Targets for favorites and quick switcher are too small.

- Switching Workspaces always feels jerky, and it is because when you hover, the whole menu instantly pops to right to make way for the "All" button. This suddon movement (no smooth transition) feels extremely wrong. Especially when you want to click on the currently active space and you move the cursor towards it, and before you can click it has moved to right and you accidentally click on all. Also, the whole menu always pops up if you want to access favorites or quick switcher, since you have to move over it to get there. I know that you can pin the spaces menu. Still, when not pinned, that's not a neat design.

- In general, the whole UI seems so cluttered with + buttons and tripple dot menu buttons, which feels so obstrusive. The spaces menu is worst with this. I get drag and tripple dot closely surrounding the thing that I actually want to click on. Often, I missclick there. Also in the projects list, I don't need to have + and tripple dot visible next to uncollapsed projects all the time. Reveal on hover would be sufficient. Maybe it's because, the tripple dot is so massive. When I look a t the screen, first thing I see is the location of all the tripple dots, which should have least of my attention.