I want to be able to set 'Project A' to ALWAYS to display as a list, 'Project B' to ALWAYS display as a board, Project C to ALWAYS display as a calendar. It would be great to be able to set the view at the project level, not at the space level.

I have 5 spaces and lots of projects under each. I want to be able to set a 'list' or 'board' default view to each individual project. Currently, you select the view (list or board) and that view applies to ALL projects under that space, but in everyday use, each project is unique, some of them work better as a list view, some with a board view.

It is very frustrating moving between projects and then having to go up to the top of the screen to change the view I want to see the project display as. I click between projects continuously.......i'm clicking left for a project, top for the view, left for the project, top for the view...I am doing an awful amount of extra clicks.

In the drop down list against each project, it would be great to see the following options:

Save as Template

Set as List View

Set as Board View

Set as Calendar View

Thank you so much for considering my request.