One of the key advantages of clickup was to "containerize" communication in tasks. So insteado fo having 1000s of group chats, that mix different projects, you have everything around one task centered on the task page.
I often used assigned comments, to remind people of things they should do on a task. Now with reminders/inbox, I have a much better tool for that.
However, with the introduction of reminders, this logic of putting everything in a task that is related to this task is broken!
In my opinion, it would be important to have the option to associate reminders in a similar style as checklist items or assigned comments with tasks. I think as manager you often go through tasks and want to remind people of something. Reminders are better than assigned comments, because they have a due date. But they should show the associated task (if there is one).
A slash command /r in the task chat to create a reminder would be great (that then is automatically associated with the task). Alternatively, an option to convert assigned comments to reminders.