I really want voice recordings with auto AI transcriptions at the forefront of features – as important as the 'create task' buttons. Voice recordings are currently possible, but they're buried within the comments section and featureless.
Have you tried using Otter.ai or FireFlies.ai? It's totally awesome. I record a stream of creative and inspired ideas and watch it transcribe in real time. After I stop recording, it automatically assigns speakers, summary notes, subject tags, etc. The AI summary notes are so brilliant that I wish I could just export them all as separate task to start acting on, or as timestamped edit notes for a video edit. An ideal workflow and service for podcast production – taking long form recordings and slicing out just the best bits from AI transcription points of interest.
If ClickUp won't develop their own fully featured service due to roadmap priorities, I'd settle for a decent integration with an existing service for the time being. A voice command superuser like Siri would be cool down the line, but for the interim, integrating something like 'Otter.ai' or FireFlies.ai' would be highly valued! Or buy one of them out? I wouldn't mind paying for a subscription if it was really well integrated.