Please make filters are a one-click-solution. It would be great to not only let it save the filter, but also be a saved view.

Example: One wants to see EVERY task for ME in a status called "IN PROGRESS" and SORTED by date and priority and see it in a BOARD view.

To do that one need to load the filter, which gives tasks in "IN PROGRESS" and the SORTING in the current list. One also needs to click an ME, on the BOARD view and ALL SPACES.

So to get there one needs these many clicks:

- 2 for the filter

- 1 for ME

- 1 for ALL SPACES

- 1 for BOARD

This makes up to 5 clicks in total. Switching many times a day through lists and views is therefore quite a pain.

Also, the possibility to miss use it is very high.

Instead, the filter view could have saved all of it, which would reduce the clicks from 5 to 2 and would make wrong usage nearly impossible.