I'm not sure whether this will be covered in version 2.0, but I'm experiencing some frustration navigating around the app.

More specifically, I really want to be able to go straight to a specific project or list from the various search / filter screens using the current breadcrumbs ( see screenshot). I often desire a high-level view of a project or list, but because my internet connection isn't great, the 2 - 5 clicks it takes me to get there means anywhere between 3 — 10 seconds before I'm at the view I want.

This functionality is sort of addressed using the "K" shortcut, but there is still some lag when searching through a number of projects or lists, whereas being able to navigate by using the breadcrumbs means I only have to click once to get exactly where I want to be, instead of 2 - 5 times to get to where I want to be.