I'm super impressed by the goals feature. I still made this topic to list some of the things that I noticed and I would think would make it potentially more powerful. Not yet sure if they are needed, just list them as I go.

- Allow owners to be linked to some people that can view a specific list. That way you make it automatic

- Allow to import tasks within a certain due date range, ideal for sprint planning. Allow to make this 'automatic' or 'import once', so you can make sure that things in the goals do or don't change automatically.

- Allow this to link even to project or space level, to get a top level view of progress in total.

- Allow to add lists to a goal afterwards

- I accidentally clicked some lists twice, allow to remove them in the selection and possibly block duplicate selections. Removing them now removes all occurrences of that list.

- When you add lists or tasks to e.g. a euro budget, I would make two progress bars. One for the target of money, one for the task target. That would feel more logical I think.

- When setting a target in value, allow to overshoot to see how well we did. Currently max value is the target value.

- Allow to add a task or list to a goal from the list or task itself.

- Add a burndown chart, comments (but I saw those are already planned in the video I think)

- Allow to monitor resources, as I consider this a 'bundle' of work. I would like to see an overview for each staff involved in this how many hours of estimated effort goes in

Probably many more once we start using it :) Loving it so far! I think this is a great feature as it is.