Probably the only feature I miss from Trello is the ability to copy checklists from other Tasks. You could choose from existing task via a browse mechanism or searching by tags, maybe? (On Trello, you search for the task to copy from by browsing from a list of tasks or searching by label.) Maybe we could even add in the option to replace an existing checklist with the one being copied, if possible? (That's something, like many things, that Trello
do. Lol.) I
like the idea of creating templates very much, and I believe they will become very useful to me, but there are times when the checklist just comes together on the fly and I want to re-use it quickly for several tasks. Or I've made a change to a checklist on one task and then I need to copy those changes over to another quickly, so that they match. . . that kind of thing. So I was hunting all over ClickUp to find this feature, and couldn't find it. I'm hoping this is something that can be planned for the future because it is ridiculously helpful. In fact, honestly, I had no idea how much I'd miss it or even how much I use it, in general, until I not longer had it! >_< :D At any rate, thanks for listening!