This is something like waaay down the line, but I would love to see ClickUp offering a super sleek email service - maybe even just an interface where we can hook up via imap/pop so you don't have to host - but ideally, it would be a real ClickUp feature:
-sending and receiving emails like normal
-ability to convert an email into a task and if the other person doesn't have ClickUp, they would see it like a normal non-formatted email on their end, but responses on our end would look like comments on that task.
-emails are threaded and grouped like usual per subject/task title, but in the 'email inbox', we have the ability to also group by contact + assign a 'contact' multiple emails if they use several domains, or the contact would be automatically created by default (and then we cna manually merge later)
-if the contact has ClickUp, a user profile would be automatically generated that's associated with our team.
Just some ideas, if y'all are really going to expand into an OS