The new version of time tracking is too complicated.
It used to be simple:
  1. Click to add time.
  2. Click "Add manual time".
  3. Type time on keyboard and hit "Enter" (also on keyboard).
Now, it's:
  1. Click to add time.
  2. Carefully avoid the "Enter a note" field (which looks like where you should add time).
  3. Click "or log time".
  4. Click into the "Type anything (mins, hours, days)" field.
  5. Type time on keyboard.
  6. Click "Save" button with
    because keyboard "Enter" button doesn't work.
Editing previously-logged time is even worse: YOU CAN'T.
It's adding the time on, not changing the amount you spent. If you want to change the amount of time logged, you have to delete the "Session" and log it again.