At the moment, when a task's status is changed, any other activities that happened in close proximity (like a comment) end up being nested under the status change notification in the inbox. This has caused my team and I to miss numerous important updates as it's not intuitive that we need to open a status change notice for other important updates.
The ONLY reason we have caught some important comments on such tasks is because we receive email notifications about comments where we are watchers or where we are tagged.
After checking with the support team, it's been confirmed this is an intended behaviour. If there is not other associated activity with the status change - the notification is logged under 'Other' in the inbox. If there IS additional important activity that happens at the time of this status change - the notification is logged under 'Important' - however, those additional actions/activity are nested under the status change notice and can only be seen if you click into the status change notification. This is not intuitive for users AND requires additional clicks to check and see if there were potentially other important actions that happened at the time the status was changed.
PLEASE reconsider this intentional behaviour - it does not seem supportive of helping users ensure they see all important updates. For consistency - why not keep status changes under the 'Others' tab in the inbox regardless of what other activities happen at the same time and surface activities like comments normally in the 'Important' tab like you when they aren't connected to a status change.