We are software development firms & we have been using ClickUp for the last 3 weeks. we are also inviting our client to use ClickUp & Many of our clients agree but now the main problem we are facing is that If I will invite any client as a guest they can't invite any other team member into our ClickUp.

So My suggestion is:

The client should have the ability to invite any users from different workspace & can manage permission accordingly. so 1 user doesn't require multiple accounts for the same project. it also doesn't make sense to pay twice for the same user for the same project in 2 different workspaces. If the client will create their ClickUp account than our team has to move & manage everything into the client's account. in this case, we will not have any recorded at our side.

I am not suggesting these features in the free plan but if 2 different organizations have paid plan then you should put some 2-way sync like google calender between 2 workspaces. the client can manage all task management in their workspace & we will get all recorded in our workspace, similarly whatever we will do in our workspace client will get an update.

Purpose: it'll same everyone's time, Client & Company will save more time instead of moving the task manually or doing import & export every day.

Outcome: The client will be more satisfying to use under their branding instead of working as a guest.

Perk for Client / Organization: For the same user, they don't require to pay twice.