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Positioning of ClickUp as personal todo app
I have been looking for 'The' to do app and I stumbled upon ClickUp when I searched on Todoist - I have tried a few for a period of time but none was really 'The' app. To start with I was using Awesome Note (paid), Wunderlist, Microsoft Todo, Google Keep and finally ClickUp. My requirement was rather simple: - I need a cross device app (which is the reason why I switched from Awesome Note) - Synchronization consistency across device (iOS Google Keep failed big time) - Sub-list (expanded under a main list) and sub-task - Synchronization with Google Calendar - Custom recurring tasks (repeat every x day/weeks/months) Google Keep was promising but the support was non-existence - to which I'm pleasantly happy with what I have been seeing from ClickUp. This coupled with the fact you guys listen to users, to me is the best selling point seriously. Another feature I really like is the ability to change due date upon close instead of piling up all the closed repeating tasks. Ok, now come to some of my wish list. I am a to-do mobile app user so ClickUp maybe sort of an overkilled app, but I find that ClickUp have a strong business case and ecosystem if you start to position also as a personal to-do mobile app (competing against Wunderlist/Todo, Google Keep etc.) - Team default assignment is set to self automatically, currently I have set my ClickUp desktop as personal team layout so that is okay. However on mobile app it is still not assigned to anyone and I need an additional 2 clicks (UX consistency) - There is no badge showing on the mobile app for overdue tasks (consider this very important feature to have) - Ability to sort by priority/due date on mobile - Ability to set recurring tasks on mobile - Ability to have proxy set up on desktop app according to the IE internet setting, currently it just never load up. - Ability to set reminder/notification a week before due date (while there are currently two other alternatives, one is to set the task with start date but the downside is the calendar view will have quite a few 'rows' blocked up visually; the other is to set on the settings for notifications, but in this case I only wish to set on a particular list, not the entire space). One use case is birthday reminders, I'd like to be reminded a week before contacts' actual birthday. - Ability to set yearly repeat on a particular day of the week (such as 2 weeks before Mother's day) - When setting recurring tasks, the default date should be the due date (currently it is the date I'm editing which made me changing both the due date and recurring date all the time) For personal and mobile app use, perhaps you can consider strip down the activity view and watchers to simplify the UI. That's all from me and I'm happy to be using ClickUp regardless :)
Is it wrong that I'm more excited about sharing ClickUP than actually being productive?
But seriously though! I've been messing around with productivity software for 10-odd years now, and this is the first time I'm this excited about new software after trialling it properly. I felt this same type of joy the first time I got my task management feet wet with Toodledo and Producteev. I used Nozbe until my projects got big (and I saw their price tag). Trello was grand for a while but I just couldn't stay on top of everything. Even Asana wooed me with its big graphs but couldn't hold my interest. I loved ToDoist for years until I met this attractive ebullient purple young thing. She was young and had flaws but she was so honest about them and so excited to grow I couldn't help but be intrigued. Then she showed me how flexible she was, how intuitively she could be used and how incredible she was at attending to my every little concern, and my little productivity bubble of joy blew wide open. ClickUp team, I don't know how long this honeymoon feeling is going to last, or when the next great solution will come around. But I will say this: Your product is world class, and the warmth, professionalism and capability of your support is monumental. I've found solutions to personal productivity issues in your young app that have been plaguing me for the best part of a decade. ClickUp is the first project management tool I've come across that combines complex functionality with ease of use (and a gorgeous UI) quite so elegantly. I'm sure it's a little weird that I get quite so excited about a simple productivity app. But then again, making project planning for a card-carrying A.D.D. user as enjoyable as it has been thus far is hardly a simple thing, is it 😊
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