Example of issue: We only work weekdays. 3 tasks, each scheduled sequentially and dependent on the last. Task 1 duration of 5 days (Week 1 Mon-Fri), Task 2 duration 3 days (Week 2 Mon-Wed), Task 3 duration 2 days (Week 2 Thu-Fri). "Hide Weekends" and "Reschedule Dependencies" both ticked.
If I move Task 1 forward 1 day in the Gantt view, that task duration now spans the weekend, increasing the duration from 5 days to 7 days (as expected). However, Task 2 and 3 aren't updated to take the following weekend into account, as a result they now appear with duration's of 2 days and 1 day respectively. Their missing days are actually hidden within the subsequent weekend. Task 2 should start the day after task 1, but there's now a gap of 2 empty days on Monday and Tuesday. Similar issues occur when extending or shrinking the duration of prerequisite tasks.
Fundamentally, dependent tasks are still seeing the weekend as working time even when the weekends hidden. Please fix ASAP as we're looking at migrating across from MS Project. Thanks.