1.) Filter: Tag is not set doesn't work. It simply removes itselfs 1 second after setting it.
It only stays when I do this: Setting tag filter to filter by a certain tag, waiting (& aometimes reloading) and then setting it to "is not set".
2.) It won't show all tasks this applies to.
I think I managed to narrow down what happened:
We wanted to change one tag for a lot of tasks and subtasks simultaneously with the multitask toolbar. this worked perfectly fine for open tasks but somehow the closed task didn't apply the new tag we wanted to add. This may have been a bug too or just us not beeing patient enough with the system as it takes minutes to apply these changes.
These task now won't show when filtering for "tag not set" so I think the system thinks there is a tag applied but doesn't show it. It also really isn't applied as it doesn't show on exports as well.