Sometimes I forget to turn off my time tracking before I go home. I come in the next day and see I have a 15 hour task that should've only been 20 minutes. I go to edit it, setting the end time for when I left work... and it turns that 15 hour task into a 25 hour task! I believe the problem is that the today's date is stuck in the end timestamp, and I can't turn it back into yesterday's date.

To reproduce:

* Use Chrome's plugin to enable time tracking. Let's say this was at 4:45 pm.

* Leave the time tracking enabled long enough for the day to change (i.e. past 12 midnight)

* Stop time tracking.

* Edit the time range and change the end time to be before midnight, let's say 5 PM. The expectation is that the time range will be 15 minutes long.

!* The edited time range will be 24 hours and 15 minutes long.

Workaround: Remember what the start time and end time should be. Delete the time range. Add a new time range with the start and end time.