This is a note about the tone in e-mails to inactive addresses. If I should instead post this to a different part of the forum, please let me know.

I'm enjoying using ClickUp, and sharing it with my colleagues. For me there was quite a bit to learn initially about how to set up my account and integrate it into my workflow. So at the start I created three separate accounts: Me at Work, Me at Home, and Me at School. As I've become more comfortable with ClickUp, I've been logging in only as Me at Home, so my other accounts are dormant.

Today (about 4 months after I started) I received a "poke" e-mail at my work address. The subject was "You’ve lost time…(but there’s hope)" and the message was:

"Hey Christian! You’ve lost tons of productivity without ClickUp. So, I’m sorry. But… There’s still hope. You can use ClickUp right now! We want people using and enjoying ClickUp's coolest features, all for FREE! Let’s do it! Start here. Best!"

I have to say that the tone of this e-mail is very off-putting. It reads like spam from a company using a guilt-trip hard-sell to push a scam product. This is not the kind of product ClickUp offers, and I think it's the wrong approach for encouraging dormant users to try the product.

I replied to the sender explaining that I'm an active and satisfied ClickUp user, just working from a different account. So perhaps that ought to be the first line of inquiry. Something along the lines of "we haven't seen you around in a while. are you perhaps using ClickUp with a different sign-in? If not, we'd like to show you how ClickUp can help you..."

About a month ago, I had a more satisfying correspondence with a different Client Success Champion about my other dormant account, Me at School. This started when I received an e-mail "poke" at my school address. The subject was "Zero Productivity?" and the message was:

"Alright Crow, you're still inactive, making me a failure at my job! Let me know what we are missing or what I can do to help change this, I love addressing client feedback! Thanks! "

The tone in this note was fine: offering help, and putting the onus for performance on ClickUp, not on the client. It may be worth standardizing the messaging across the Client Success Team for this kind of outreach.

Thanks for creating and supporting a great productivity platform. I really enjoy using ClickUp for success in my work and personal endeavors, and sharing it with my colleagues and friends.

Best regards,

Christian Crowley

Washington, DC