First of all: I love ClickUp. This is the best task management / productivity app I’ve ever used. And I’ve used a lot.
I’ve moved our whole company to ClickUp, which means about 50 people and 60-70 software development projects. We heavily rely on you.
I’ve chosen you over TargetProcess, Jira, OpenProject, Monday, Trello and so on… Which is a big win for you.
Please take one or two month without any new features, and make the app more robust, reliable, and faster.
It feels like, every 1 change you make bring 2 more bugs in the app.
In the last few days it was very very frustrating. ClickUp was so slow, the text you were writing in the description is literally just disappeared…
And we constantly have bugs, for example:
Stop making new features every day. Fix these bugs, and make the app more reliable!
We won’t go anywhere if you don’t make 129 new features for the next 2 months. But we will, if the app constantly delivers new bugs, and strange behavior.
And last, but not least: I love ClickUp.
This is why I’m writing this.
Thank you!